Even deeper by PicFreak42 on Flickr.


FAIRIES learn to dance before they learn to

walk ;
Fairies learn to sing before they learn to

Fairies learn their counting from the cuckoo’s

call ;
They do not learn Geography at all.

Fairies go a-riding with witches on their

And steal away the rainbows to brighten up

their rooms ;
Fairies like a sky-dance better than a

feast ;
They have a birthday once a week at


Fairies think the rain as pretty as the sun ;
Fairies think that trespass-boards are only

made for fun ;
Fairies think that peppermint’s the nicest

thing they know ;
I always take a packet when I go.


FAIRY LORE: the fairy flute by  Fyleman, Rose (via gardenofthequeen)

The water nymph - Elihu Vedder

Martin Wiegand (German, 1867) - “Snail and a Dwarf” 

Shoots and Tree by Nick Auskeur on Flickr.


" Do you believe in Faeries?"

The great diving phrase. By giving an answer, you reveal to the world your sanity or madness. Is belief in faeries rational or irrational? Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy books are about the metaphysics of faerie belief, leading you to a place where the rational mind meets the irrational heart, and belief becomes possible. Does it matter if you believe in faeries? Well, I can only answer that the world feels like a much better place when you do. It becomes a place of imbued with a glorious sense of enchantment and connection. I think J.M Barrie would agree. His audiences at his play Peter Pan certainly Did, when enthusiastically clapping their belief to save the life of Tinker Bell. Barrie says to not to believe is death to the faeries. This implies that we and Faerie are inextricably linked and we have a responsibility to each other.


Brian Froud, World Of Faerie (via faeriehearted-girl)

by Brian Froud

Lost (by steve-jack)

Pathlight (by Sam_C_Moore)

A Collective of Pixies, by Brian Froud. Number 48 in the Faeries Oracle with text by Jessica Macbeth.

The pixies dance to keep the world turning, they must. They could be miserable for their task, but they choose to find joy in their work. 

fairy land by winny27